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Post by harrachi on Tue Mar 01 2011, 21:07

1. HAMID-why r all these people running?
Man- This is a race, the winner will get the cup.
HAMID-If only the winner will get the cup, why r
others running?

2. Teacher: "I killed a person" convert this sentence
into future tense.
student: The future tense is "u will go to jail".

3.SAID told his servant: Go and water the plants. Servant
it's already raining. SAID: So what? Take an
umbrella and go.

4. SAMIR's wish :when i die,i wana die like my grandpa who died
peacefully in his sleep not screaming like all the
passengers in the
car he was driving..

5. Wife: You always carry my photo in your handbag to the office. Why?
Darling : When there is a problem, no matter how impossible, I look at your picture and the problem disappears.

Wife: You see, how miraculous and powerful I am for you?
Darling : Yes, I see your picture and say to myself, "What other problem Can there be greater than this one?

6. Father to son after exam: "let me see your report card."

Son: "My friend just borrowed it. He wants to scare his parents."

7. A teacher asked her class for sentences using the word "beans"..

My Father grows beans," said one student. "My father cooks beans," said
Then little Johnny spoke up: "We are all human beans."


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Post by pass*word on Tue Mar 01 2011, 21:31

i like number 6


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Post by flouna on Tue Mar 01 2011, 21:50

I like them all; thank you bounce


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Post by student for ever on Sat Mar 05 2011, 21:53

so funny . thnx

student for ever

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