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born as a muslim

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born as a muslim

Post by outlandish on Wed Apr 06 2011, 23:25

I was born as a muslim but was that just a name
...Did I know how my religion came
Was I too busy with getting fame
Yes, I know I should be ashamed

I was born as a muslim but did I know what was expected from me
Did I know I had the key
Was I too blind to see
What was in front of me

I was born as a muslim but did I take my religion for granted
Havin fun is all I wanted
Music was blasted
Did I know all this would be accounted

I was born as a muslim but did I know I was gonna die
Even without sayin goodbye
When ALLAH swt was mentioned did I cry
Not bein honest always Sly

Did I ever ask myself why
Wearin jeans showin my thigh
Thinkin I looked fly
Wonderin why the good guys always go by
But only getting looks from bad guys

I was born as a muslim but did I respect my mother
Knowin that there was no other
Jannah lies between her feet
But was I sweet
Or did I take a backseat
Just lyin there on my bedsheet
Thinkin my life is complete
Nuffin to regret or nuffin I was wishin to delete

I was born as a muslim but did I only need ALLAH in bad situations
Was I worshipping the creator or the creation
Did I forget my obligation
No to the masjid but yes to the train station
Willing to go to any location
Was I lovin these temptations

[Written by: Ifrah Muslimah sisterhood


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Re: born as a muslim

Post by widad kh on Sat Apr 09 2011, 08:43

very nice poem,,,it makes m rethink abt my life & abt a lot of things,,wether i am a true muslim or........ so thnk u a lot....
widad kh

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