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The Moon (Moon's lovers)

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The Moon (Moon's lovers)

Post by TheWolf on Fri Jul 01 2011, 23:54

The Moon

Look at the moon tonight
Shine in the sky as a knight
All the eyes at it stare
Like a bride in her chair

Waiting for the light
Of her groom and his bright
We need to touch (see) you soon

I do believe, house of angels you're
I will defy, and find your way
Maybe my love waiting me there
Never, I waste a second to find her

I will fight, kill and die, I won't care
I will do this, I do swear
From above send us

Your light and bless

Give me the power for life
Light my way and turn happiness this grief
Make the hope sticks to me
Oh moon! Without you what are we ( I am )

In the wild desert you are
My companion with a star
When the creatures are asleep
You stay with me in the dark night and deep


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