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Britain's conservative scandals and shift in political leadership.

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Britain's conservative scandals and shift in political leadership.

Post by Zaki_abl on Wed Mar 14 2012, 20:46

In the 12, February 1993, Britain has been under the leadership of the Conservative party for 14 years.The country just started then to recover from a 3 years long recession.Thus everyone would think that he situation was getting better but on the contrary , it was getting worse and worse. News seemed to be all about crime, poverty and violence. The population were no longer under control. that very day Britain woke up to the horror news of an abominable murder. A two years old boy was tortured then murdered by two ten years old boys.the worries of the British Cabinet were then directed to the moral issues that Britain was facing, but was it too late? was the conservative party the appropriate party to run the contry in a time where Great Britain was lost in the ocean of debauchery? Was the conservative party still worthy of the name? In the following essay, events that led to the political shift from a conservative leadership to a Labor leadership are going to be depicted.
Sir, John Major, the then British prime minister (1990-1997) was according to Tony Banks, a British politician and Labour member," unpopular, if he became a funeral director people would stop dying" adding "He was a fairly competent chairman of Housing [on Lambeth Council]. Every time he gets up now I keep thinking, "What on earth is Councillor Major doing?" I can't believe he's here and sometimes I think he can't either.". He was perceived as a colourless and indecisive leader.During his premiership John Major showed a more consensus- oriented profil, although he shared most of Thatcher's conservative views.
Nonetheless he succeded into getting britain out of recession, negociated the Maastricht Treaty with an incredible close only for Britain, keeping her currency and her worker's rights, but it was not enough for the conservative party to maintain leadership over Britain. Indeed in the aftermath of the terrible Crime that a two years old boy was the victim, John major made a speech talking about going back to basics, to the victorian values that yore Britain was famous about. But his discourse sounded Hypocitical as the news were all about the scandals of the conservative party, members of the cabinet found in compromising situations, the conservative party was not so conservative after all.
In addition to this, the labor party was going back in force with a new leader, a new program and a new ideology for a new Britanica. A change that the British population was craving about, and was in desesperate need of. Moreover Tony blair, the then leader of the labor party, was young, well raised, proposed to give to the British polulation what it asked for. He brought Freshness to Britain's politic.
All in all, I think the British conservative party digged its own grave, by the way they handled major events that occurred in Britain, by the obvious scandals and by appointing a leader who had not a strong personality and lacking political drive to such an extand that he became "The politician who never made a mistake never made a decision."

References :
See E. Pearce, The Quiet Rise of John Major (1991).
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