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Grandma- by Amanda

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Grandma- by Amanda

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 08 2011, 19:10

I remember
the green freeze pops,
hugs that never stopped!
The games of kickball,
the light left on for me in the hall.
The trips to the game farm,
the times you kept me from harm.
Whenever I needed you,
it was your shoulder I turned to.

The hospital care,
you in a wheelchair.
The feeling that you weren't ok,
the days you couldn't come out to play.
I was told on a cold winter day
that you had forever gone away.

The funeral room full of fears,
Grampa's eyes full of tears.
Everyone at my house,
there was no shoulder,
tears fell on my blouse.
The pain I felt,
all of it still I haven't dealt.

I wish I could've said good- bye,
maybe now I wouldn't cry.
I know you loved me,
why couldn't you stay?
I still miss you to
this day.
Grandma - I love you.

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Re: Grandma- by Amanda

Post by pass*word on Sun Jan 09 2011, 16:49

nice shot ADMIN Very Happy
it reminds me abt a movie entitled" GOAL" but just the begining !
thx for publishing it Surprised

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