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I will never forget you

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I will never forget you

Post by harrachi on Tue Feb 01 2011, 14:31

I will never forget you

Each time they say your name
A tear forms in my eye
How can I be happy
If all I seem to do is cry?

you wern't supposed to leave me
This has to be a dream
I cant accept your absence
And take goodbye for what it means

You left me lost and broken
I still can't find my way
Months have passed real slowly
But it's harder every day.

I thought you were forever
You talked like you would stay
Every time I love someone
They get taken away

None of this should have happened
Your place is next to mine
I am not going to listen
The hurt won't ease in time

I will never forget you
Though we are far apart

i hope that u still here.....the lost hope stay waitting


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Re: I will never forget you

Post by Chinda on Tue Feb 01 2011, 17:36

First of all, let me ask you if it is your own poem, harrachi. If it is yours, let me tell you good job, mate, it is really a nice trying from you, I really like it.
Wish you find that lost hope, and to read you more!


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Re: I will never forget you

Post by TheWolf on Wed Jun 29 2011, 10:54

babababa Harachi slowly man! You, Nour Edine and Mahmoud are really water under fire...i'm discovering u day after day looool

Very nice poem...PERFECT! It moved me though I'm a dry and a cruel WOLF Razz


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Re: I will never forget you

Post by Sponsored content

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