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The Winds of Change!

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The Winds of Change!

Post by Chinda on Fri May 13 2011, 22:15

What’s amiss with the Arabs these days? What’s going on with them lately? Is it a disease infecting a country after another or it is a fever which is diffusing through every limb of our “oumma”?! Were the Arab nations sleeping for decades and they all woke up at once from that long hibernation with the coming of spring?!
Tunisia before Egypt opened all the doors on the fullest for the other countries; Algeria, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, Iran, Syria and others are coming in the way without any doubt, as if those two countries were the alarm which awakened the other countries from their sleeping; the stimuli which urged them to catch the train of change before it closes its doors and leaves without returning. It is now or never; if the passengers will not catch that train now, it will leave for long without knowing after how many decade it will return so that they will await for long at the station and none will know how long their wait will last!

What do you think about what is happening; does casting out the president and changing him is the solution for all the problems? It is overt that the current events are inevitable, but how can we deviate them to serve our goodness, and don’t let these winds to become storms and devastate everything in their way?! How can the authorities appease people and put a halt to their fury?!

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Re: The Winds of Change!

Post by TheWolf on Wed Jun 01 2011, 11:27

True is what you are saying Chinda. Allow me please to summerize my answer in one word "Justice makes peace"

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