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****************** wise saying *******************

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****************** wise saying ******************* Empty ****************** wise saying *******************

Post by harrachi on Tue Feb 01 2011, 14:07

make 10 friends
laugh with 9
meet 8 of them
talk to 7
celebrate with 6
share secrets with 5
trust 4
cry with 3
take help of 2
but don't forget any 1

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****************** wise saying ******************* Empty Re: ****************** wise saying *******************

Post by Chinda on Tue Feb 01 2011, 17:30

In fact I do not agree with you at all, because for me an everlasting friendship that lasts the whole lifetime cannot exceed two people. I really don't think that this relation will be as strong as it must be when exceeding two people because I do agree with Aristotle when he says:"What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies."

And about what you said about sharing secrets with 5, I don't think it is a good idea, because (sorry for using Arabic)

إذا المرء أفشى سره بلسانه ولام عليه غيره فهو أحمق
إذا ضاق صدر المرء عن سر نفسه فإن صدر الذي يُستودع السر أضيق

Imagine to share your secret with five people! It will not be a secret then!

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