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How Do You Know

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How Do You Know Empty How Do You Know

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 15 2011, 08:03

How Do You Know Howdoyouknowposter

How Do You Know 00740521ysx

What I love about this film, is that it does not give you the usual polished Hollywood story of romance: boy meets girl, girl has a boyfriend/fiancé who at first seems perfect but then turns out to be a douche bag and/or evil and right then steps in this new perfect guy, they kiss and live happily ever after, the end.

Here, both of the guys who are trying to get the girl are screwed up in some way or another. Boyfriend (Owen Wilson) is not a bad guy. He is not too sensitive, he sleeps around, but the point is he doesn't try to hide it. He is honest about himself. And throughout the relationship he tries to better himself and the relationship with his girlfriend (Reese Witherspoon). On the other hand, the "new guy" (Paul Rudd) "My favorite actor" is depressed, has no job or money and is facing prison time. And at the beginning the girl he's chasing considers him weird. His slime-ball/businessman father (Jack Nicholson) I think just adds likability to Rudds character.

Also, what I like is there is no perfect ending. There is sort of a feel-good ending but it's not perfect. Although, for that you'll have to see the movie.

I really enjoyed the movie, I thought it was very clever and surprisingly uplifting and I thought it was definitely worth watching !
How Do You Know 00740521ysx

It's available for downloading, DVDrip, BRrip ! And if you don't know how to download, then close your eyes, and make a wish !! Open your eyes you dummy lol Laughing Very Happy


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