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Techniques of Fiction in Literature

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Techniques of Fiction in Literature Empty Techniques of Fiction in Literature

Post by the bright queen on Sat Mar 19 2011, 11:39


It is the sequence of events in a chronological order ( the passing of time ). The writer respects this order or not depending on his aim.


It is the change or the development of events or an event. Thus, having an influence on the theme. Usually, this event would create a problem that the character has to solve ( positive or negative effect on the character: complication ).

Beginning and ending:

For instance, the writer starts his story from the childhood of the main character like in Jane Eyre

Or from the adolescance like in Pride and Prejudice .


we have Round ( main characters ): they start in a way and at the end they find solution and bring change to the story.

Flat ( secondary characters ): they do not change from the beginning till the ending whatever happens the story, nothing concerns them .

What concerns us in the characterization is the characteristics of characters and the writer's value in deciding to make him/her a main or flat character.

4-The point of view:

The narrator is the one who is in charge of expressing the writer's point of view. It could be 3rd person narration, 1st person( the narrator is a character ) or omniscient narrator who knows everything about the characters, their thoughts, feelings ..... Here, the writer uses his voice, he gives life and death to his characters ( A God-like position ): he decides everything about his characters .


The time and the place when and where the events take place . Setting corresponds to the characters.


It is the central and dominating idea of the story .
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