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Benefits Of Crying

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Benefits Of Crying Empty Benefits Of Crying

Post by Chinda on Thu Jul 28 2011, 19:47

Benefits Of Crying

The only living organisms that are able to shed their sorrows and frustration through tears are human beings. Crying is a common human experience and has been a part of every culture and civilization throughout history. Traumatic events, loneliness, prolonged stress, loss of life and property, pain, and daily hassles of life often trigger the process of crying. Many times, people drop tears of joy, happiness, and relief. Although crying occurs due to feelings of sorrow and distress, but once the process of crying is over, they experience a good feeling of releasing unpleasant emotions. Research done on the effects of crying indicates that in most instances, crying is quite beneficial to the human minds and body. The many benefits of crying include:

1.Removes toxins form the body.
Crying helps the body to get rid of waste material, toxins and other harmful substances from the body. These substances would otherwise remain inside and might cause harm to the internal system

2.Preventing the occurrence of depression.
Most people get depressed because their emotions could not be expressed at the right time and got suppressed inside their minds. Crying prevents the suppression of a person’s emotions and is one of the healthiest ways to come out of them. Crying also improves the state of people who are already depressed and make them feel better

3.Lifts your mood:
If your mood is low due to physical or emotional pain, crying stimulates the release of endorphins. These are hormones which help to elevate mood and also act as pain killers. Due to the release of these hormones people usually feel better after crying.

4.Beneficial for the eyes.
The tear glands present in the eyes continuously produce tears in small quantities. Blinking of the eyes spread these tears evenly over the surface of eyes. This helps in cleaning and lubrication of the eyes.

5.Prevents bacterial growth.
Tears contain a chemical component known as Lysozyme. This chemical inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface of the eyes. Some portions of tears that come out of the eyes evaporate, but remaining tears through the tear duct drain into the nose. These help to keep the nose moist and lysozyme present in the tears inhibits the growth of bacteria inside the nose.

6.Helps in relaxation.
Once a person stops crying, the body shifts from a high arousal state to state of relaxation. Heart rate and breathing slows down, sweating decreases and person feels more relaxed. The state of relaxation lasts for a longer duration than the moments spent in crying.

So next time when you are unhappy stressed or depressed, find a friend’s shoulder and cry for some time. It will not only reduce your unhappiness and stress, but also make you positive towards solving the issue.

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