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The Biggest Movie Franchises of all time.

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The Biggest Movie Franchises of all time.  Empty The Biggest Movie Franchises of all time.

Post by The Catalyst on Mon Mar 19 2012, 23:30

Good day!

Movie Series Total US Gross Total Worldwide Gross
1-Harry Potter $2,390,073,877 $7,708,805,984
2-Star Wars $2,269,136,911 $4,493,681,000
3-James Bond $1,609,487,453 $5,089,726,104
4-Batman $1,465,583,452 $2,649,224,759
5-Shrek $1,419,598,493 $3,492,557,509
6-Pirates of the Caribbean $1,279,211,336 $3,719,087,403
7-Spider-Man $1,113,761,163 $2,496,145,679
8-Transformers $1,073,748,606 $2,668,537,919
9-Twilight $1,073,597,609 $2,505,851,689
10-Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings $1,035,939,639 $2,937,847,917
11-Star Trek $1,014,325,878 $1,463,693,272
12-Indiana Jones $939,110,286 $1,980,610,580
13-X-Men $932,903,335 $1,893,644,886
14-Toy Story $883,355,738 $1,947,188,680
15-Jurassic Park $767,320,741 $2,076,450,663
16-Mission: Impossible $738,438,434 $2,090,354,542
17-Fast and the Furious $699,149,818 $1,592,157,077
18-Iron Man $631,037,457 $1,206,004,457
19-Meet the Parents $593,831,215 $1,131,818,048
20-Matrix $592,293,378 $1,623,116,618

Uh.. I thought of making a list of the biggest movie franchises of all time. It's a list of 20 franchises, sorted by the total gross, Us, and worldwide.. The array does not give a value for the serie as a better-than, it would only serve to tell how much money the full franchise made, taking for granted the number of movies in the serie. Example, Iron Man title has made 600 millions some and there is only 2 movies of Iron Man, whereas for Fast and the Furious, it has also made 600 millions, the differene is, there is 5 movies in the Fast and The Furious franchise.

Well, I've watched every single movie of every single franchise title of these 20, and more. And if you asked me, it was always Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight that had me in a spell the first moment. Way to go, bat. Wink

Voila! That was my favorite franchise title, would I be asking for too much if I wanted to know about yours ?!

Some honorable titles, and a must see: Men in Black, Nightmare on Elm Street, Terminator.

So long! Smile
The Catalyst
The Catalyst

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