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The Gravity Of The Moon.

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The Gravity Of The Moon. Empty The Gravity Of The Moon.

Post by Admin on Fri Nov 11 2011, 22:59

Hey guys!

I got in a duel with my cousin on who's right and who's wrong pertaining to the gravity of the moon. Well, it all started when we babbled about Chinese people and why they are short.. shorter than any other race. He seemed to shut me down, because I had no clue, and it was his terrain. See! The thing is, I told him that the moon has a gravity, it doesn't matter how much that is. He told me that it decisively lacks gravity. Arguing as he was, "Earth stands a gravity of 9.8 as a whole, and in China we find 9.9, the reason why they're shorter, and in India, I assume, it was 9.7". But the main duel was about the moon... All this time I thought the moon has a gravity. He was about to prove me wrong when saying: "Try to think this way, consider for a moment the sphere of the moon was going from point A to point B. Knowing that point A has the gravity of 9.8, the moon passes by, and when it reaches point B, knowing that point B has the gravity of 9.9, it will certainly comes crashing, and collides. Because principally when the gravity of the earth and the gravity of the moon tack on, assuming that there is gravity on moon, it'll only lead to shape more gravity. I had nothing to say after that.

However, I'm still not convinced, and any information would be appreciated.

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