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Chess game, by The Catalyst.

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Chess game, by The Catalyst. Empty Chess game, by The Catalyst.

Post by The Catalyst on Thu Nov 24 2011, 11:04

Chess Game

I learned playing Chess about a month ago, and I had to know that it's a game of slyness. More than that, I remarked the less the number of pieces, the more valuable they are in the game. In any Chess game you have eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, one queen, and a king. Same thing goes for the opponent. All in a board that is multiplied eight squares by eight. The game is simple really, take down or be taken down. There are many rules in the game, and the most substantial one, is doing anything in your power to keep your king safe.

What caught my attention in the game, is not the way you sacrifice every single piece, if you had to, to keep that one piece safe, it was in any game I played as yet, the percentage of repetition in moves was equal to less than twenty percent, let's do some maths, shall we ?!. Eight multiplied by eight equals sixty four, taking for granted a half of squares that are taken by pieces, which leaves us only thirty two vacant squares. Yet, a big difference can be made from the last game I played. Well, I looked and wondered, this very eight squares multiplied, in a board that is a foot and a few, can be a ground for diversification and new ideas, why not putting the substance on real life ?!. The answer was there, too clear, and too simple, "Chess is a game, and has its own rules". But expeditiously I had to figure out that life has its own rules as well. In truth, life's only one big complex chess game, and its rules are so essential. Life's just one big board, and we are those little pieces. More precisley, those little pawns. A pawn's movement is so predictable, and could easily be stopped just by facing it out. That's because a pawn cannot attack in a straight row. Though a pawn stands a chance of twelve percent of being even powerful. A pawn can get ranked when it reaches the enemy terrain, to be either a queen, a rook, a bishop, or a knight. One question popped in after getting to know that, why is it a rocklike to get ranked in life ?!...I'll tell you why. Remember that pawn, who became a queen later, imagine him at his very beginning, did he ever have the idea to be in a position of a queen once ? The answer is "No". Because basically a pawn is a material thing, and cannot possibly think. But let's put it this way, if it was real, what should have happened. The little pawn had a dream about to become a queen, and worked hard to make that dream become true. The only difference between us, and that little pawn is, we're keeping us busy in thinking too much, and don't try. We are afraid of trying. We're afraid of reaching up that place, and meeting something we don't comprehend.

There is a story my elder brother used to tell me I'll never forget, he seemed to be quite taken by it, "Thomas Edison, in his attempt to invent the electric bulb, he had failed about a thousand times, And when he was asked why didn't he stop, he replied :" I have not failed. I've just found a thousand ways that won't work.". Thomas was a dreamer. He chased his dream and never gave up. I think there is one thing most people don't really understand in having a dream, an ambition. It is, dreams are hardly ever become true, and real, and without working so hard in the sake of making them real, uh well..

There was always something in chess that was so relevant to life, in both you have to think, and do. Even the little pawn in Chess had to push his chains forward, not seeking for his dream to get ranked only, but for the good of the whole kingdom likewise. Though, he tried and died, it was totally worth it, because he had the king in the open.. And "Checkmate".

By, The Catalyst

The Catalyst
The Catalyst

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